The Clean Nutritional's make two types of bars and the macro and carb content is relative to each other. The importance to note  is the “CLEAN” as they have  been made from all natural ingredients. The bars are  gluten free , wheat free , fruit free and dairy free making them a perfect snack for someone with autoimmune conditions and IBS as a plant based goodness snack and meal replacement. 

The fast bar is a snack with carbs for energy from seeds and nuts predominantly almonds. The  Keto bar is high protein and a low carb bar ( not no sugar) carbs that are low GI like Chia and Quinao not fruit (fructose) or any added sugar . Our Keto bars add Ketosis don’t make ketosis your body does that all by itself. These bars are designed for a simple meal replacement or afternoon snack. 

The sweetness is a very small amount of maple syrup to keep them very low sugar , our Keto Bars don’t  use two common alternatives for sweetness  like stevia and erythritol. These give a false sense of Insulin response and  may resulted in digestive issues ,including nausea and stomach discomfort. Real maple syrup is rich in manganese, zinc, potassium as well as antioxidants and photochemicals. In fact … 

Pure Maple Syrup, is A Diabetic’s Delight!

Pure Maple Syrup is one of nature’s sweeteners that actually has some wonderful health benefits. As a sweetener  it is a big thumbs up to use maple syrup sparingly, as a more healthful alternative to regular cane sugar Or fake synthetic alternatives. 

Real maple syrup used in the CLEAN KETO and FAST bar has an array of nutrients such as manganese, zinc, potassium and calcium, as well as antioxidants, electrolytes and phytochemicals. It can support the immune system as well as assist with lowering inflammation and managing blood sugar. In all seriousness this  delicious sap has been used for centuries!

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Scientists have found that maple syrup’s natural phenol's (antioxidant compounds) inhibit two carbohydrate-hydrolysing enzymes that are relevant to Type 2 diabetes. In the study, 34 new beneficial compounds in pure maple syrup were discovered,five of which have never been seen in nature [I]. Among the five new compounds discovered is quebecol, a compound created when the maple sap is boiled to create syrup.

Manganese,known for its ability to maintain blood sugar levels is the highlight of this sweetener. Maple syrup is also lower on the glycemic index that regular table sugar, meaning that it will not spike your blood sugar as rapidly.

Immune System Support

These high levels of manganese in pure maple syrup are also essential co-factors in a number of enzymes that aid in energy production and antioxidant defences. Pure maple syrup has been recognised as containing up to 24 types of antioxidants, or phenolic compounds. These help to reduce inflammation in the body that can contribute to multiple diseases. Refined sugar, agave nectar, corn syrup, or any other highly processed sweeteners contain next to to no antioxidant components.

There are several versions of the Ketogenic diet, to stay in Ketosis. 

Standard ketogenic diet (SKD): This is a very low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat diet. It typically contains 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbs  Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD): This diet involves periods of higher-carb refeeds, such as 5 ketogenic days followed by 2 high-carb days. Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD): This diet allows you to add carbs around workouts. High-protein ketogenic diet: This is similar to a standard ketogenic diet, but includes more protein.  The ratio is often 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs. Prolong fast called FMD ( Fasting mimicking diet 700 cals a day) where its 45% carbs , 45% fats and 10% protein for 5 days a month. This is our CFF Clean food fast. 

All of the above options you can maintain ketosis , choose the one for you and your health and wellness plan. 

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