Corona Virus COVID 19 prevention ideas

Extra cleanliness now warranted heath advocates   Extra special areas like Sinks / computer keyboards / toilet seats they share the germs the best. 


Ok so what do you need to vigilant about as prevention is the only cure here. 


  1. Hand-washing 20 second minimum. Each hour wash hands.  Research said 70% of people idon’t wash their hands properly. Clean running water then apply soap apply between fingers and under nails.  Hum or sing  happy birthday song twice.  Rinse  your hand under dry running water. Clean paper towel better than air dryers.  Friction is most important not just alcohol.  You Should be using a clean paper towel when open the door not your own clothing.  
  2. Or Hand sanitiser.  20 ml Quality applied to palm and rub together for 20 seconds.  You can make your own at home high alcohol concentration. However we make it at the lab for you at an extra extremity alcohol
  3. Less shaking hands ha ha bump or shoe tap. Use elbow in public elevators. Japanese style lets bow or corona virus fist bomb. 
  4. Don’t touch your face ! Most people touch their face Up to 20 times an hour. Stop its a habit. However does the mask make you touch your face more ?? Probably.  So maybe masks are for the sick. 
  5. Gloves , Sanitising wipes. Wipe the area and reducing your chance of contact 
  6. Mind protection just not lungs. Power of positivity.  It seriously works. Wake up each morning write your gratitude list and stay positive. 
  7. Immune system support 
  • Manage your stress Hot baths , yoga , sauna etc  do our clean food fast. Fasting is the most simple and cost effective ways to deal with life stresses believe it or not. So your immune function thrives. Clean food fast 👍🙏
  • Sleep optimisation and circadian Rhythm. 8 hours a night.  Try our sleep powder. 
  • Exercise. 20 Minutes of  sweat a day
  • Supplements I love to support for your Immune system 
  1. Vitamin A   And D : Always a Nutrient dense diet. And supplement Extra Vit A ( or you may eat liver)  increases LGG microbiome diversity in your gut, or take for liver oil or supplement 50000Iu twice a day for two weeks , Researchers have also studied the effects of Vitamin D supplementation on the immune system. One study, out of the British Medical Journal, found that Vitamin D supplementation provided a reduced risk of acute respiratory tract infection. And another, done on school-aged children in Japan, found that Vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of influenza A. 
  2. Zinc lozenges three times a day. I love zinc lozenges While zinc, by far, has had the most promising studies done, other micronutrients have also shown to influence the immune system. For example, a study done in Japan with healthcare workers who are constantly exposed to infections like influenza showed that taking green tea catechins, a type of flavonoid antioxidant, corresponded with a lower-confirmed incidence of influenza, though that lower amount was not significant. 
  3. Propolysis throat spray ( medicinal  honey) or iodine drops to gargle 
  4. Herbs Cordyceps ( it’s a fungus) but great against viruses. Rather than always stimulating, cordyceps balances immunity, working bi-directionally. This means that if your immune system is underfunctioning, cordyceps will boost it, but if your immune function is too high, this tonic can slow down the production and activity of white blood cells.
  • Herbs Don Qi ( female gingsing)
  • Rhodiolia / astragalus 
  • Angelica  and Chinese herbs all good options. 
  • Fresh ginger tea or juice. Add cayne pepper , honey and lemon. Garlic and ginger and Vit c dense foods and fermented foods and turmeric.  

If you feel unwell try this straight away at home . On a macronutrient front,  studies show that protein might be particularly important for a strong immune system. Protein is key to forming not only immune cells but every cell in the body. For immune cells though, protein contains an amino acid called L-arginine, which studies done on populations with both influenza as well as people with severe burn wounds, that L-arginine helped generate helper T cells, the ones that show the rest of the immune system what the virus looks like so that it can generate specific cells to fight it. "So consuming protein with L-arginine is a way to ensure the right amount of T cell proliferation is happening in individuals

So grandma home made chicken soup is and awesome as we approach the colder months . Stay Well 👍😘